Värvilised Car Washing

Inside and outside car washing

Keep your car clean and shine with our hand washing!

Tallinn car washin

Up to eight different locations

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Online booking

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Modern Equipment

Professional washing and cleaning of your car

We use the best products, tools and techniques in our process, getting the best results and taking care of your car as you look after it.

  • Contactless Washing
    Pressure water washing, shampooing and drying
  • Interior Cleaning
    Vacuuming the hole car interior
  • Pitch Removal
    Harmless pitch and salt removal of the the car exterior
  • Scratch Removal
    Comprehensive process to polish and refill exterior scratches
dry cleaning

Trunk and pile rug car cleaning service

Paint scratch removal

Special process to remove paint scratches

Paint scratch removal

No more annoying marks on your bumpers

  • Natural Cleaners
    We use environmet friendly cleaners and special procedures to ensure nature is protected and your car shines longer
  • Heightened care
    We care for your car as much as you care, your satisfaction is our goal
  • Aromatization
    The breeze of the forest during spring, inside your car
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